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Date : 12-11-01 11:24
Grand prize two years in a row for ‘The Best Brand of Consumers’ for the blood glucose monitoring system category.
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Seoul – (Joongang News) October 25th, 2012-- ‘CareSens’ of i-SENS, Inc. won the grand prize two years in a row for ‘The Best Brand of Consumers’ for the blood glucose monitoring system category.

Since year 2000, i-SENS has developed blood glucose monitoring system, “CareSens”, and maintained its reputation as the nation’s leading manufacturers for its high technology and quality by successfully exporting these products in over 50 worldwide markets including US, Europe, Japan and Australia.

‘CareSens’ blood glucose monitoring system was launched in 2003 as the world’s first to measure blood glucose within 5 seconds given a minimal amount of blood of 0.5 ㎕. Acknowledged for its technology, i-SENS has received many outstanding awards, including the Minister of Health and Welfare award in 2004 and ‘Blood Glucose Monitoring System of the Year’ award from a world-renowned market research firm Frost & Sullivan in 2009.

With its world scale, Wonju facility has the capacity of manufacturing 1 billion test strips per year. The quality of the product is every bit as accurate and superior as that of global corporation’s equivalents. As construction of the Songdo facility at Bio complex in Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) has been completed this year, it enabled an additional 0.8 billion test strips per year which is boosting the export growth.

i-SENS’ leading brand ‘CareSens N’ with its patented no-coding technology allows it to automatically recognize the code number of each glucose strip so that users can get the reliable and accurate results. Existing coding meters require the user to input a specific code number to the meter whenever a new pack of strips is used. However, ‘CareSens N’ can provide user convenience by  automatically coding to match the test strips while preventing the risk of having incorrect readings by miscoding.

Post by: Jung-gu Lee


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