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Date : 11-10-15 22:11
i-SENS Self-Glucose monitor ‘CareSens’ Receiving Attention
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SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) October 11, 2011 -- i-SENS, a company specializing in medical devices (CEO Geun-Sig Cha, www.i-sens.com), is receiving attention for its glucose monitors ‘CareSens.’

The first product of i-SENS ‘CareSens’ developed based on cutting-edge bio sensor technology and electrochemical technology has advanced to markets of advanced nations such as Korea, U.S., Japan, and Europe, being recognized for its technological power.

‘CareSens’ can measure blood glucose precisely within 5 seconds given a minimal amount of blood below 0.5㎕, thus being easy to use for children or the elderly. Especially, the difficult glucose measurement from palm, forearm, or thigh due to the gathered blood amount being too small, is now possible without any pain

‘CareSens N’ does not need code input or any code chip. In order to resolve the inconvenience of diabetic patients who need to measure their blood glucose level several times throughout the day, it was designed to be able to measure blood glucose with a simple operation. CodeSens, i-SENS’ automatic code recognition function removes the process of setting the blood glucose strip code or using a code chip for every measurement. Therefore, minimizes code related errors. promoting user convenience and accuracy

Also, the two hour post-meal alarm feature has improved the user convenience so that one would not miss the exact blood glucose measurement time. It can store up to 250 measurement results, shows overall blood glucose average the pre-meal/post-meal blood glucose average, and the measurement results can be downloaded to a PC through a connection cable so as to enable systematic blood glucose management.

In addition, i-SENS is continuously releasing new technology by introducing products other than glucose monitors based on new technology such as electrolyte analyzer, gas analyzer, etc.


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